What is Package Garage?

Package Garage is a private package manager that helps teams manage their private Dart and Flutter packages securely and efficiently. It provides a central repository for all private packages, making them easy to find and share.

Package Garage also helps to prevent dependency conflicts and versioning issues, which otherwise might be introduced when using the git for managing the private repositories.

Benefits of using Package Garage

There are many benefits to using Package Garage for Dart and Flutter packages, including:

  • Centralized repository: All private packages are stored in a central repository, making them easy to find and share within your team.
  • Secure access: Package Garage provides secure access to private packages, so you can be sure that your code is safe.
  • Efficient management: Package Garage helps you to manage your private packages efficiently, so you can focus on building great Dart and Flutter apps.
  • Prevent dependency conflicts: Package Garage helps to prevent dependency conflicts by tracking the dependencies of your packages.
  • Simplified versioning: Package Garage simplifies versioning by allowing you to manage multiple versions of the same package.

Getting started with Package Garage

To get started with Package Garage for Dart and Flutter packages, you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account, you can log in and start publishing, installing and managing your private packages.

For more details instructions on how to get get started with Package Garage, please see the Getting started